Descending from over 150+ years of experience in the
marine surveying, navigation, positioning and sonar
services industries, APS was created in 2002, the
concept and the company, to focus specifically on the
“Call Out Response Sector” of the Oil and Gas


Experienced Project Management in conjunction
with an experienced and dedicated field staff, task
specific equipment, and versatile software packages
allow APS to provide our customers with the response
and results they demand... whether on the surface
or the seafloor.

 Our commitment to a “Zero Tolerance” equipment
downtime policy through the provision of critical path
equipment redundancy ensures our customers the
best performance, every time!



The keystone to the entire JD Silvetti Group of
Companies’ operations is our HS&E Program.
This program is centered on the belief that
“all accidents are avoidable and preventable!”
The Group is dedicated to TOTAL CUSTOMER
PERFORMANCE, which means not just a quality
work product, but a quality work product that is
provided in unison with absolute personal safety.
APS = Absolute Personal Safety!


APS Equipment, Services, Contacts and Brochures.